• Д. А. Белоусов


LED rectifier with voltodobavkoyu system pulse-phase control, feedback control system closed, sawtooth voltage of positive polarity, angle adjustment thyristors.


One of the most important criteria for the quality of life in modern cities and other human settlements is the lighting highways, streets, yards of houses, warehouses, industrial buildings and areas in the evening, night and morning time, because it reduces the number of road accidents and illegal infringements.

Lightings are scattered along the roads, streets, yards, perimeter, on which there are industrial buildings or warehouses.

Lamps operate in harsh environmental conditions: temperature ranges from -30 ° C to + 40 ° C, high humidity, reaching up to 98%, constant dust. In addition, the voltage in lighting networks often goes beyond the norms of the nominal values, and at the time the thunder and lightning in them appear transient overvoltage reaching the 10kV.

Most lamps are placed on special towers height of 10-12 meters, which makes their maintenance and repair teams difficult, as it requires special equipment to the lifts.
These features work environment determine the choice and maintenance of communication and scheme solutions, taking into account the efficiency and reliability of the lighting fixtures.

The lamp consists of a power unit consisting of a transformer primary winding through which the actuator is connected to the lighting network, rectifier, adjustable voltage boost, control and regulation of thyristors, smoothing passive LC-filter and panel arrays superbright LEDs, reflector with transparent side.

      As provided in Article relations could be used to calculate direct and reverse voltages and currents, and their values are determine the types of diodes and thyristors.



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