Authorship should be limited to those who made substantial contributions to the design, design, performance, or interpretation of the reported research. Anyone who has made a significant contribution should be listed as a contributor. Where there are other individuals who participated in certain material aspects of the research project, they should be acknowledged or listed as participants. The corresponding author must ensure that all presenters and non-corresponding co-authors are not included in this document, and that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the article and agreed to its submission for publication. As a journal author, you and your institution or company retain the rights to use your own publications in STEE magazine. These rights are preserved without the need to obtain special permission from STEE. These include: • the right to make copies (printed or electronic) of a journal article for personal use, including for use in the educational process; • the right to copy and distribute copies (including by e-mail) of a journal article for research by colleagues, for the personal use of such colleagues for scientific purposes; • the right to publish a previously published version of a journal article on Internet pages, including dedicated servers, and to store such a version on servers or sites for scientific purposes; • the right to publish a revised personal version of the text of the final journal article on your personal or institutional web -site or server for scientific purposes; • the right to use the journal article or any part of it in a printed collection of your works, for example, collected works or lecture notes.

Amendments to copyright
This policy applies to the addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names in the author section of accepted manuscripts. Before publishing an accepted manuscript in the online issue: Requests to add or remove an author or rearrange author names must be sent to the journal manager by the corresponding author of the accepted manuscript and must include:

  1. The reason that the name should be added or deleted, or the author's name should be changed
  2. Written confirmation (e-mail, fax, letter) from all authors that they agree to the addition, deletion or rearrangement. In the case of adding or removing authors, this includes confirmation from the author being added or removed.


Requests sent by a non-responsible author will be forwarded by the journal manager to the responsible author, who must follow the procedure described above. Please note that:

  • Journal managers inform the journal editor of any such requests
  • Publication of an accepted manuscript in the online edition will be suspended until authorship is agreed upon


Once an accepted manuscript has been published in the online issue: Any requests to add, remove, or rearrange author names in an article published in the online issue will follow the same rules as above and may be corrected.