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International Journal "Lighting Engineering & Power Engineering" (LEPE) was founded in 2002, taking into account the need to highlight the results of research in the field of lighting engineering, electric power industry, artistic and architectural lighting. Since 2016, the journal LEPE has the status of the International Scientific and Technical Journal (Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine КВ no. 22332-12232ПР dated October, 10, 2016).

The international journal "Lighting Engineering & Power Engineering" accepted papers on English in three formats: scientific-research works, technical studies and abstracts.

The target audience of the international journal "Lighting Engineering & Power Engineering" is a wide range of readers (scientists, specialists) in the field of lighting engineering, electric power industry, power supply, electrical engineering, electric drive, electrical engineering, measurement, control and automation of technological processes. The address of the web resource of the journal: https://lepe.kname.edu.ua

Editor in Chief of the LEPE is Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Vladyslav Pliuhin.

The Editorial Board includes Ukrainian and foreign scientists from Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, France, Finland and the United States of America.

All papers, that are published in the journal are reviewed by leading experts of relevant industries, as well as scientific, general and technical editing by editorial team.

The editorial team includes a responsible secretary and a specialist in technical editing, editing manuscripts (the material and responsible person of the editorial board).

The journal is published regularly, according to an established schedule, with a period 3 times per year.
The journal is included in the “List of specialized scientific publications of Ukraine in the field of technical sciences” (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated May, 10, 2017 No. 693). Articles published in LEPE can be included in the list of references of PhD and post-doctoral theses.
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