The authors submit their articles to the editor through the web-interface of the site.

Each paper submitted to the LEPE Journal is sent to an examination by three reviewers (the "blind review" policy). The review procedure takes up to 4 weeks. When reviewing, in addition to evaluating the work itself, papers are checked for the presence of plagiarism and relevance to the topics of the magazine.

The LEPE Journal adheres to the "blind review" policy, one of the key points of which is to submit an article reviewer to an expert evaluation without providing information about the authors and their affiliates.

The editor informs authors about the process of submitting an article by e-mail. Each author can also contact the editor through the online submission system to view articles related to their research areas. An expert review is a critical element of the publication and one of the main activities of the scientific process. An expert evaluation performs two main functions:

  • Works as a filter - Provides proper testing of research before publication;
  • Improves the quality of research.