Worn Power Transformers Influence on the Rural Electrical Networks Electrical Supply Reliability


  • Vitaliy Perepechenyi O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv




Electric power supply network, network parameters, transformer substation, load density, line wire section, specific load, unit costs, optimum parameter, distribution networks, electric energy


The energy supply of agricultural enterprises is characterized by a number of significant problems, the solution of which has been an urgent task for several decades. Characteristic problems are widely known and considered in the scientific and educational literature: the location of agricultural objects on a large territory, their remoteness from central substations, remoteness from the road network, which makes it difficult for emergency teams to access in case of accidents, a high degree of operation of substation equipment and air lines At the same time, the re-equipment of the park of technological equipment of agricultural enterprises makes it necessary to look at the quality of energy supply in a new way - the microprocessor technology used in modern agricultural production makes high demands on the reliability of energy supply. Also, the issue related to emergency modes in the energy supply system, which lead to millions of losses due to product spoilage due to the termination of the technological process, does not lose its relevance. As you know, the energy supply system should be a model of high reliability, but upon inspection, the situation looks a little different: due to various reasons (including both the power deficit and the wear and tear of the equipment in use), the energy supply does not always meet the expectations of consumers in terms of the quality of the services provided. In the case of interruptions in the energy supply of enterprises (including agricultural ones), interruptions in the energy supply cause much more serious consequences, related to spoilage and underproduction of products and millions of losses.

Author Biography

Vitaliy Perepechenyi, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Department “Urban Electrical Energy Supply and Consumption Systems”


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