Remote Determination of Wool Color


  • Andrii Tsybukh State Biotechnological University
  • Mykolai Lysychenko State Biotechnological University
  • Viktor Kharchenko O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv



optical radiation, diffused reflection of light, optical characteristics of wool, registration of reflected light, photo receiver, diffused internal scattering, wool coat layer


Analysis of the financial condition of the sheep industry is partly due to the low color purity of sheared wool, in the absence of animal selection to form sheep flocks with the same stripe color and the creation of conditions that would make it impossible to mix animals in flocks with different colors. To enable the above objectives to be achieved, theoretical studies of the conditions of reflection and absorption of optical radiation by the wool coat of animals were carried out, for which purpose the model of the incident ray interacting with the surface of sheep wool was improved and studied. The role of the reflected flux in diffuse scattering on individual wool layers is determined and a model of the reflected flux in the presence of local internal inhomogeneities is developed. The obtained functional dependences characterizing both the reflected and scattered light made it possible to formulate the requirements regarding technical implementation of the proposed method of flock formation by wool color.

Author Biographies

Andrii Tsybukh, State Biotechnological University

Senior teacher of the department of electromechanics, robotics, biomedical engineering and electrical engineering

Mykolai Lysychenko, State Biotechnological University

D.Sc., professor of the electromechanics, robotics, biomedical engineering and electrical engineering department

Viktor Kharchenko, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

D.Sc., professor of the “Urban Electrical Energy Supply and Consumption Systems” department


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Tsybukh, A., Lysychenko, M., & Kharchenko, V. (2023). Remote Determination of Wool Color. Lighting Engineering & Power Engineering, 62(3), 86–92.