Guidelines for articles publication


The journal accepts unpublished articles containing the results of fundamental theoretical developments and the most significant applied research.

Articles are accepted in English in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx) and are subject to mandatory peer review.

The manuscripts should be accompanied by

  • a license agreement for the use of the work: transfer of copyright to publish the article to the editorial board of the journal;
  • Optional: files with attachments (figures, results of experimental studies).


Submission of the manuscript

Before submitting, you must register on the journal's website (if the manuscript is submitted for the first time)

Submission of the manuscript is carried out through the system of the journal's website by filling out a form of several pages.

Before submitting, please make sure that you have the following information available in the form fields (* with an asterisk):

  • Manuscript file ready for uploading. The file name should be in Latin letters and begin with the first author's surname;
  • Title of the article (in Ukrainian and English);
  • Abstract (in Ukrainian and English);
  • Keywords (in Ukrainian and English). Each keyword is entered separately. After entering each keyword, press Enter.
  • Add each co-author with the required information in a separate form. Fill in the fields for each co-author:
    • First and last name (in Ukrainian and English);
    • E-mail address;
    • ORCID number in full in link format, for example,
    • Place of work (in Ukrainian and English);
    • Academic degree, academic title, position (in Ukrainian and English);
  • The sequence of authors should correspond to the sequence in the manuscript. In case of an incorrect entry, you can change the order of authors and their information.
  • List of references (inserted as a copy from the article).

If you have any technical problems, you can send the manuscript to the e-mail address of the journal's editorial board



The article should be submitted in the format of a Microsoft Word A4 document, without columns, Times New Roman font, 14 pt, 1.5 spacing. Figures should be in BMP, JPG, PNG (300 dpi) formats. Formulas should be typed in the Equation or MathType formula editors as separate objects. The length of the article is from 6 to 30 pages. Our technical editor will format the manuscript in accordance with the requirements of the editorial board.

Structure of the article (in English):

  • List of authors (full names)
  • Title of the article
  • Abstract (1800-2000 characters, should reflect the consistent logic of the results, describe the main purpose of the study and summarize the most significant results. The abstract should be meaningful, not repeat the title of the article, not contain common phrases, abbreviations, abbreviations, not duplicate the "Conclusions" section, but briefly reflect the content of the article).
  • Keywords (no more than 8 words or phrases)
  • Introduction (outline the problem statement, justify the relevance of the chosen topic, analyze recent research and publications, and formulate the purpose and objectives of the work. The Introduction section should account for at least 70% of the references used)
  • The main part (present the scientific facts obtained, the methodology for obtaining and analyzing the factual material. The main part may consist of separate subsections, if necessary)
  • Conclusions (summarize the work, scientific novelty and prospects for further research in this area. The conclusions should not be formulated based on the purpose of the work, but should indicate specific achievements as a result of the research)
  • Optional: funding - information about the source of funding, grants and any other financial support for research, only the full names of scientific institutions and sponsoring organizations should be used; acknowledgments - general information about any assistance in conducting research and preparing the article
  • List of references (drawn up in accordance with the Ukrainian standard of bibliographic description (DSTU 8302:2015: Bibliographic reference. General provisions and rules of compilation. Kyiv, 2016). References to unpublished and unfinished works are unacceptable. The transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet into Latin is performed in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 55 of January 27, 2010.

The following information is provided at the end of the article:

  • Names and surnames of the authors in Ukrainian;
  • Title of the article in Ukrainian;
  • Abstract in Ukrainian;
  • Key words in Ukrainian;
  • E-mail addresses of all authors;
  • Official name of the institution for each co-author (in Ukrainian and English);
  • Academic degree, academic title, position for each co-author (in Ukrainian and English);
  • Links to the identifiers of all authors in the form of a full web address for ORCID (required), Scopus ID, Researcher ID

Additional requirements for manuscript formatting:

  • All variables used in the formulas should be explained with the SI units;
  • Physical, chemical, technical and mathematical terms, units of physical quantities and symbols should be generally accepted. Abbreviations of physical quantities must comply with the requirements of the International System of Units (SI);
  • Figures and tables should be placed after their first mention in the text;
  • Abbreviations (abbreviations) should be explained after their first introduction. In case of a large number of abbreviations, they should be provided separately before the Introduction section;
  • In the text, the cited source is indicated in square brackets by the number corresponding to its number in the list of references. Abbreviations of the names of cited sources and the number of authors are not allowed.

Articles that do not comply with these requirements are returned to the author without consideration.

The date of its receipt by the Editorial Board will be the date of review and submission of the article in accordance with the above requirements.


If you have any questions regarding the submission or formatting of the article, please write to the editorial office at We are open to communication.