• В. Ф. Харченко
  • М. В. Хворост
  • В. А. Маляренко
  • О. А. Якунін


illumination, street, highway, model, dynamics, fixture, program, matrix.


Dynamic model of city streets and highways illumination are observed. Attention is given to circuit with single-sided placement of fixtures. In the first part justified the importance of the problem and considered publications relating to it.
Characteristic parameters of fixtures and a covering of highways are observed. It is marked out that creation of a qualitative exterior lighting of a city - the challenge, is connected with the account of many factors. Sampling of a correct, effective arrangement of fixtures; definition of optimum distance between fixtures; sampling of the fixture with the necessary lighting characteristic; sampling of altitude of installation of the fixture and its inclination to horizon demands creation of a technique and the program of engineering calculation of illumination of highways. The interconnection of many factors and their agency on quality of an exterior lighting can be studied at construction illumination models of streets and highways. At designing of a lighting part of lighting installations of an exterior lighting engineering calculations represent labour-consuming enough problem.
The purpose of given paper is working out of dynamic model of illumination of a rigid pavement from group of the fixtures which have been had on one roadside and creation of software product for engineering calculations of illumination of a rigid pavement.
In paper the dynamic model illumination of rigid pavement are built at a single-sided arrangement of fixtures.
This considered nine fixtures and their characteristics. For model construction the case when the fifth fixture is placed in the centre of axes of co-ordinates is observed, thus with is left and to the right of it is placed 4 fixtures.
Matrixes of definition of force of light in a direction of a settlement point are resulted. The matrix of light exposure of a rigid pavement from fixtures and a matrix for calculation of light exposure from all other fixtures is analogously defined. The matrix of dynamic light exposure of a rigid pavement from all fixtures has the same size, as matrixes of illumination from each fixture and can be written down. In standard deeds average light exposure which after light exposure definition in each point of a grid is defined as the average arithmetical value of light exposure defined for a section of a rigid pavement is rationed.
The calculation program on the personal computer is developed. The instance of calculation of illumination of
a rigid pavement of a city street is resulted. The program realises the formulas of calculation of light exposure of a
rigid pavement resulted in paper at single-sided arrangement of fixtures. The program computes: the maximum value of light exposure; the relation of the maximum value of light exposure to a mean light exposure.



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