To the Problem of Protection of Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers with Fuses: Analytical Research

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Yevgen Bajda
Oleksandr Grechko
Viktor Buhaichuk
Robert Knápek


Introduction. In the medium voltage power grid of 6–35 kV, there is a problem of protecting voltage instrument transformers. This is due to the insufficiently effective level of their protection with fuses. Recently, there have been more and more reports of accidents associated with the failure of voltage instrument transformers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The issue of conducting an analytical study of the problem of protection of medium voltage instrument transformers by fuses is relevant. Goal. Investigation of designs and characteristics of fuses for medium voltage instrument transformers to improve the efficiency of their protection. Results. The article shows that protection of medium voltage instrument transformers with epoxy insulation is often provided by fuses, in which the nominal current of the fuse-link is significantly higher than the maximum permissible long-term current of the primary winding of the instrument transformer. A comparative analysis of the current values of the primary winding of medium voltage instrument transformers with the values of the rated currents of the fuse-links of fuses of various manufacturers presented on the Ukrainian market is carried out. The design features and technical characteristics of fuses for medium voltage instrument transformers have been investigated in order to increase the efficiency of their protection. The advantages and disadvantages of the designs of fuses from various manufacturers have been investigated and it has been established that the design of fuses requires further improvement in order to increase the efficiency of protection of medium voltage instrument transformers. Discussion and prospects for further development. Since in Ukraine, the need for fuses to protect medium voltage instrument transformers is provided mainly by supplies abroad, a promising direction for further development in this direction is the creation of a domestic competitive design of a fuse and its introduction into production.

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Bajda Є., Grechko О., Buhaichuk В., & Knápek Р. (2021). To the Problem of Protection of Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers with Fuses: Analytical Research. Lighting Engineering & Power Engineering, 60(3), 92–102.
Author Biographies

Yevgen Bajda, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine

D.Sc., Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Apparatus

Oleksandr Grechko, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine

Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Apparatus

Viktor Buhaichuk, ABM Amper Ltd., Ukraine

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Robert Knápek, KPB Intra s.r.o., Czech Republic

Company Director


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