Published: 2021-12-30

A Decomposition Four-Component Model for Calculating Power Losses in Low-Voltage Power Supply Systems

Dmitry Tugay, Olexandr Shkurpela, Valentyn Akymov, Ivan Kostenko, Oleksandr Plakhtii


Reducing Power Losses by Voltage Stabilization at the DC Rolling Stock Current Collector

Dmitry Tugay, Alina Trotsai, Olexandr Shkurpela, Ivan Kostenko


Design and Simulation of a Servo-Drive Motor Using ANSYS Electromagnetics

Vladyslav Pliuhin, Oleksandr Aksonov, Yevgen Tsegelnyk, Sergiy Plankovskyy, Volodymyr Kombarov, Lidiia Piddubna